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Passport to a Healthy Pregnancy
Dr Gita Arjun
An illustrative and user-friendly encyclopedia with tips for the entire family, this book holds rare insights into the physical and emotional needs of both mother and child, with a chapter for the modern day father too.
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Rs 599
Format: Paperback
Beauty Unleashed
A Comprehensive Guide to getting Perfect Skin

Dinyar Workingboxingwalla Dr
Dr Dinyar demystifies the beauty industry, allowing you to come up with a holistic skincare plan based on your special needs.
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Rs 295
Format: Paperback
The Big Fix:
THE BIG FIX : This cricket thriller is now out in the stores. You can catch an excerpt on this link. www.westlandbooks.in/thebigfix >>
Acquisition Of Film And Television Rights To The Famed Chicken Soup For The Soul Brand:
Alcon Entertainment (“The Blind Side,” “Dolphin Tale,” “P.S. I Love You”) has acquired film and television rights to the famed Chicken Soup for the Soul brand from Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, LLC, as was announced by Alcon co-founders and co-CEOs Broderick Johnson and Andrew Ko >>
Critical Muslim:
A quarterly magazine of ideas and issues showcasing ground-breaking thinking on Islam and what it means to be a Muslim in a rapidly changing, interconnected world. >>
Youtube Link:
Please find given below a link to an interview on Bloomberg TV with our author Dr. Rekha Shetty, her new book “ The Innovation Secrets of Indian CEO’s” ,. The book is now on sale. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mCEZBIGGNQ >>
Interview With Amish :
Here is an interesting interview with Amish on his final and third book The Oath of Vayuputra....... >>
Crossword Shorlist:
Shorlisted titles by The Economist Crossword Book Awards: Fiction:The Storyteller of Marrakesh Non-Fiction: The Mafia Queens of Mumbai Popular: The Secret of the Nagas, Women and Weight Loss Tamasha, I Have a Dream, The Winning Way >>
in focus
Poile Sengupta
A tragic tale of yearning and hope, of derision and rage, of miracles and dreams, of commitment and utter rejection.

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Rs 350
Format: Paperback
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